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Experience a more transparent and safer way to contribute money for medical bills, education, weddings, etc to support people and projects you care about.

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Private Groups

Efficiently mange closed group contributions with Eganow private groups. With this feature, you can easily:
Create invite-only groups with family, friends & colleagues
Get total visibility of your contributions
Take control of how funds are used

Public Groups

Experience total confidence when you need to give back to society. Raise funds for causes that are dear to your heart. Start public fundraising goals today and raise funds to support charitable causes.
Start fundraising campaigns
Share with people to join the cause
Monitor donations in realtime
Transparent use of funds
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Quick & Easy Withdrawal

Make direct payments from your group account or easily transfer funds into your bank account or mobile wallet.
Vote for group admins to manage funds
Make direct payment in the app
Evidence of use of funds

Frequently Asked Questions

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