Payments & Financial Services infrastructure for businesses

Businesses of all sizes use eganow’s payment and digital financial services platform to accept payments, send payouts, invest, insure, and manage their finances in one place

eganow dashboard
International tansfer
Realtime transactions
100% secure

A unified platform to manage all your business finances


The right payment solution for your business. Use eganow software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts and manage your business online.
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Available features for Eganow Business

Get total visibility of your business finances in one place

Money transfer made simple but effective, effortless yet powerful.

You've got the world in your hands now. Just tell us where to send your money. Its faster with Eganow.
Quick access
Protected by leading banks
Round the clock monitoring
Extra-secure transactions
Eganow dashboard
Eganow dashboard

Pay and get paid instantly anytime, anywhere

Your one-stop platform for managing and paying bills. Build a healthy financial life by using our flexible payment platform and expertise
Scheduled payments
Rural & Community bank accounts
International transfer
Fast & secure payment

Why choose Eganow Business

Business Collaboration

Save time and resources, increase productivity, improve communication and customer services using our tools.
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Realtime business transactions

Monitor transactions in realtime, manage cashflows and analyse transactions

Early Access

Pay your customers, contractors and vendors easily from eganow dashboard d through our APIs.

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