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Access all financial services in one place

Start building a healthy financial life now and get total visibility of your finances in one place
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Transfer & deposit money anytime, anywhere in the world.

Eganow provides you with the best reliable online money transfer platform. Transfer and deposit your money anytime, anywhere in the world with Eganow.
Cheaper & easier transfer
No hidden fees
International transfer
Fast & secure payment

Schedule the payment of your bills

Schedule your re-current bill payments and focus on other things. No need to move money from one account to another just to make payment. Pay directly and conveniently from any of your linked accounts.
Scheduled payments
Bank accounts & Credit cards
Mobile money payment
Several other account types supported

Create groups to facilitate your donation crowdfunding goals

Eganow Groups

Private group contributions and crowdfunding made easier, secure and more transparent.
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Private Groups

Your problems of managing private group contributions are now over. Experience a more transparent and safer way to contribute money as a family, friends, alumni, etc.
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Public Groups

Let's rebuild trust and bring back the communal spirit. Experience total confidence when you need to give back to society. Raise funds for causes that are dear to your heart. Create public fundraising campaigns today and raise funds to support charitable causes
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Get unrestricted access & control of your accounts in one app.

eganow® connects banks, credit unions and microfinance institutions of all sizes to extend banking services to millions of people, making it fast, safe and easy to access banking services without hustle.
Open bank account
Deposit & Withdraw
Fixed Deposit & Investments
Personal Loans
Link multiple accounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions. You can reach out to us if you still have more questions
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Get unrestricted access & control of your accounts in one app.

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